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Target Data Breach

As you may have learned from recent news reports, Target reported that it experienced a data breach on debit and credit cards that its customers used to make purchases in its stores from November 27th through December 15th. Unfortunately, a number of Bank of Fairfield cards were identified as at risk because of Target's security breach. Defending against fraud is a top priority for us, so we are taking extra precautions to try to keep Bank of Fairfield accounts safe

Here's what our customers should know:

• First and most important, don’t worry; let Bank of Fairfield ease your mind.  When you use your Bank of Fairfield Visa Cards, you’re protected against fraud. With Visa’s Zero Liability policy, you are not responsible for unauthorized purchases.  Any funds taken from your account due to fraudulent use will be returned to you. And your account is continuously monitored for suspicious activity. All Bank of Fairfield Visa cards have our Zero Liability Protection.

• We use sophisticated fraud-monitoring tools to review account transactions and detect abnormal spending and ATM patterns. That helps us block fraudulent transactions.

• We need our customers to review their account statements promptly.

o For faster delivery and more convenience, now is an excellent time to enroll in our e-statements at and


Here's what has changed:

• Beginning today, for customers whose cards are at risk from the Target breach, we are temporarily limiting purchases to a total of $300 a day. (this is inclusive of the ATM withdrawals)

• If the card number is included on our list, we are AUTOMATICALLY issuing new cards.

• If the card is experiencing fraud, that particular card will be blocked immediately


Here's what you can do:

• Watch for your new card. We plan to reissue all affected cards automatically over the coming hours/days/weeks. Until then, they can use their cards with the temporary limits.

• Don’t forget about our Visa Travel Money Cards—we are waiving the fee for the initial load until the end of the year...this is an excellent back up plan for our customers

• Please make sure we have your most up to date contact information

• If you do notice suspicious activity on your account, please let us know immediately at 509- 283-2126 during normal business hours, or 800-543-5073 any time, day or night.


We realize this could not have happened at a more inconvenient time with the holiday season upon us. We ask for your patience as we take these precautions to combat fraud and prevent criminals from using your card. We'll continue to keep you updated through our website.

Important Travel Alert

With card fraud on the rise this time of year, we want to be sure your holidays are merry and bright and YOU are the one using your Bank of Fairfield Visa debit or credit card. Follow the tips below to help ensure safe holiday shopping this season.


Call before you travel

If you are travelling this holiday season, please call us a few days before you leave.


Use your PIN

If you purchase items with your debit card and the transaction is denied, try using your PIN before using another payment method such as a check or cash.


Reloadable Travel Cards

A Prepaid Reloadable Visa Travel Money Card is another great option this time of year. It works like a standard Visa credit card and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Plus, we will waive the initial fee on these cards now through December 31, 2013.


Whether you’re close to home or traveling far and wide, we are here for you.

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