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Bank of Fairfield offers flexible terms and competitive rates to meet your credit needs. From car loans to home loans, speak with your local down to earth lender to discuss the many financing options available for your personal purchases.


Have your eye on different car or truck? Or maybe you are looking for that special weekend boat, RV or four wheeler? What ever you have your sights set on, talk to us about a personal loan to help bring it into your reach.


Real Estate

Bank of Fairfield can make the dream of owning a home a reality at competitive rates. We know how important owning and caring for your home is to you. Contact our real estate loan officer for your home needs, whether it is for purchase, construction, refinancing or home improvements.


Personal Line of Credit

Bank of Fairfield offers a Personal Line of Credit that attaches to a checking account making it easier than ever to make an advance. Simply write a check or use your debit card and funds are drawn directly from your line. 

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